Our Rope Access Surveyors have been using the Hilti PS 200 Ferro scanner detection system as part of a non-intrusive survey to a listed building in Birmingham.

The Hilti Ferro scanner is used to determine the position of reinforcement bar. The equipment also measures the depth of concrete cover and estimates the diameter of reinforcement in a non-destructive manner…..otherwise known as NDT.

The Hilti Ferro scanner device can be used for reinforcement identification, checking concrete cover over larger areas and can be used as part of a structural repair schedule. For a definitive identification of size, type and condition of re bar, an intrusive break out should be undertaken.

The Hilti Ferro scanner is like scanning for concrete cover or location with a standard electromagnetic cover meter, however the level of detail and data recording is far more advanced. On a day-to-day basis we still use cover meters extensively to determine concrete cover when undertaking Carbonation Tests and other concrete condition assessments.