Our Team have just completed a 2-week long concrete defect survey to a huge partially derelict site that has been earmarked for development.

Week One

The first part of the week of the works consisted of carrying out the lengthy concrete defect survey above ground on the two-acre site.

This consisted of producing a desktop plan of the site, this was used to record on the plan location and type of defect found.

Week two

This was as spent in the undercroft of the lido. This was classified as a Confined Space.

Safety of the Confined Space entry Team was paramount. Stringent risk assessments were produced as well as a Confined Space Rescue Plan.

Constant Air quality readings were undertaken in every area of the Confined Space under croft with a potential for gasses such as methane, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide and low Oxygen levels, these were relayed to the Top Man via radio link.

These readings will be kept on file and passed on to the client for further end user entry.

Regular Confined Space Training and experience of working Confined Spaces allowed safe working practices to be carried out which is standard practice for All Team members of Complete Access.