We are currently working our way through scheduled Defect and Make Safe Surveys to High-Rise residential properties in Birmingham.

The High Level Safety Surveys are undertaken as part of a routine schedule on a six monthly and annual basis

Our Rope Access Inspection Team carried out the surveys to over 90 high rise residential blocks as part of a wider schedule of reporting defects to Birmingham City Council Housing Stock.

The High Level Surveys were carried out using Rope Access which was by far the most financially beneficial means of access to these buildings – we find that Rope Access far out ways other means of access economically in similar scenarios.

Removal of potentially loose concrete is paramount to the safety of the residents and allows peace of mind when undertaking normal day to day activities.

As portrayed in these pictures, a 10kgs piece of concrete had been removed fairly easily, this we believe had suffered ingress of water which had corroded the re bar and had lost its integrity and delaminated.

At Complete Access, We can apply Rope Access Inspection & Surveys to any High-Rise Buildings & Structures… even in Confined Spaces.

At the end of every shift, Our Rope Access equipment can be removed from site – if a cherry picker MEWP had been used, it would have been parked up with a potential for vandalism.