We have been tasked to carry out a large-scale assessment to counteract numerous points of water ingress on a high-rise residential block in Birmingham.

Previous inspections of the roof were carried out, this was found to be in good order with no signs of blocked drains or sitting / pooled water.

The next step was to carry out a visual inspection to the offending elevation using our experienced Rope Access Team…..all overseen by an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor.

Upon carrying out a Rope Access inspection of the High Rise Tower Block, it was plain to see that previous attempts to counteract the water ingress to the panel joints had failed drastically, this could be put down to a number of factors…..wrong type of product had been used…..wrong method was carried out or just plain bad workmanship.

The Residents were reporting that water ingress was occurring to their kitchen areas which were all located on the same exposed elevation.

Our IRATA Technicians have carried out hundreds of water ingress prevention works, spent 4 days carrying out surface preparation to the panel joints and inserted over 360 linear metres of low modulus silicone into the panel joints to counteract the water ingress.