Concrete Condition Surveys

We have extensive knowledge of investigating, testing and surveying a wide range of reinforced concrete structures and buildings, including bridges, tunnels, coastal defences, historic buildings, multi-storey car parks, high-rise buildings, system built dwellings, swimming pools, industrial facilities and office buildings.

Some of the testing and survey techniques we offer include:

  • Measured defect survey which can be used to provide a Bill of quantities for repair in accordance with the CRA Standard Method of Measurement
  • Delamination Survey to assess sub-surface cracking due to reinforcement corrosion
  • Covermeter survey to assess concrete cover to reinforcement
  • Carbonation testing to assess concrete alkalinity and likelihood of de-passivation of reinforcement
  • Concrete sampling to determine presence of cast-in chlorides, chloride contamination and to determine chloride profile
  • Concrete core sampling for inspection purposes or for compressive strength determination or petrographic examination
  • Half-cell potential surveys
  • Resistivity measurement
  • Corrosion assessments, visual, measured and using surface analysis techniques
  • Analysis of hardened concrete for chloride, sulphate and cement content
  • Assessment of cement type and High Alumina Cement identification
  • Use of Ferroscan and Proceq survey instruments to determine reinforcement provision or large scale assessment of concrete cover to reinforcement
  • Assessment of fire and mechanical damage using petrographic examination
  • Determination of aggregate type, quality, alkali aggregate reaction (ASR) sulphate attack using petrographic examination

Undertaking a sufficient and appropriate concrete survey is a requirement of BS EN 1504, Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures.

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