LOLER PPE Inspection & Certification

Guardrails and Handrails

These are collectively known to be used as Building Edge Protection for any person Working at Height for Fall Prevention

Whether fixed or freestanding, these systems are designed to provide safe access where roof access is required.

It is recommended that the Edge Protection System is Inspected every 12 months and falls under Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations PUWER 1998 which makes it a requirement of the Duty Holder to ensure that any equipment provided is suitable for use, maintained and in a safe usable condition.

It is the duty holders responsibility to ensure that prior to use, the equipment provided is Inspected by a competent Person.

Guardrail and Handrail Inspection

Our highly skilled technicians will not only inspect your fall arrest systems; they will thoroughly check that the installed systems are actually suitable for end users to carry out their maintenance requirements, we can check that the correct PPE is used and discuss additional training if needed.

If any repairs or improvements are needed to your equipment, we will provide you a clear and concise report and estimate to carry out the works.

Fixed Ladder Inspection

Where a fixed fall arrest system are installed It is expected under PUWER 1998 to be inspected every 12 months.

A comprehensive and detailed checklist and report will be provided after the inspection. Upon satisfactory inspection, a certificate will also be issued.

All Edge Protection and Fixed Ladders will be tagged which improves safety for the end user as it increases effective communication by displaying the latest information relating to the inspection period and inspection due date.

PPE Inspection

Our IOSH approved Inspector has the knowledge they need to properly inspect an item of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This can consist of Rope Access Equipment or Fall Arrest Equipment.

Our Inspector is able to impartially judge the condition of the equipment and decide whether it should be kept in service.

This will help you remain compliant with Work at Height Regulations 2005, by which you have a legal duty to ensure rope access and fall protection PPE is inspected at suitable intervals, not more than every six months dependent on working conditions.

Our Inspector has experience of inspecting various items of rope access and fall protection equipment and will let you know the following

  • Your responsibilities as the duty holder
  • Current PPE legislation and LOLER ‘98
  • Marking of equipment
  • Record production
  • Inspection procedures
  • Fault diagnosis and controlled disposal procedures.

All Inspection of PPE can be easily carried out at your location when your assets are free for inspection prior to the next inspection date.

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