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Complete Access have been delivering tailored cleaning solutions for Facility & Building Managers for over twenty years.

We originally started delivering Rope Access Window Cleaning and High-Level Cleaning in Birmingham when very few companies were knowledgeable in its provision.

Based just outside Birmingham, the West Midlands road infrastructure gives us scope to operate on a national basis.

Architecture and Construction today, uses a lot of glass. There are many advantages to this, from increasing the amount of natural light available to those inside to the aesthetic appeal, however, it also requires a commitment to keeping the glass clean and this can present challenges, in particular where the building itself is unusually constructed (e.g. an Atrium).

Our Rope Access Window Cleaning Team are all IRATA trained professionals, utilising ropes to descend or ascend the outside or inside of a building, using equipment attached to their harnesses such as a descender and safety back up device.
All ropes are attached to abseil safety points, whether it is Safety Eyebolts, dead weight anchors or the building structure.

Using Rope Access is a simple and effective way to clean building facades and windows, no matter how challenging the design. It is a more versatile alternative compared to other window cleaning access methods, requiring more equipment. Rope Access can be used for most buildings, especially those that are high rise.

Abseil Window Cleaning is often an ideal solution to commercial and residential window cleaning – being Environmentally Friendly, it is both flexible and fast and is an effective way to ensure that windows are clean no matter where they are located.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Our High Level Cleaning techniques can vary from one building or structure to the next, whether it is removal of moss and algae to pressure washing traffic contamination.

Over our years of delivering cleaning solutions to Industry, we have the knowledge to undertake and deliver a specialist cleaning from large warehousing units to multi storey car parks, our specialist know how and methods can be very cost effective compared to hiring in expensive powered access machinery.

All of our Rope Access Team are capable of delivering a wide variety of cleaning methods at high level and are fully trained and qualified to City & Guilds and BICs Standards.

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