Pull-Out testing

Safety Eye Bolts are widely used across a variety of applications, from fall arrest to Rope Access Window Cleaning.

It is therefore imperative that regular testing procedures are adhered to that ensures these systems comply with current legislation and are deemed appropriate for use.

Due to the loads that can be imparted on these solutions, it is critical that testing is performed to industry recognised standards. For eye bolts the standard is BS 7883 2019, and testing should occur at least every 12 months.

For class A1 categorised anchor points testing should be conducted in accordance with BS EN795 standards and the testing frequency is increased to every 6 months. These eyebolts are used for Rope Access purposes and should not be used for lifting of equipment.

As well as testing the system to award compliance, our specialist teams will also conduct inspections to identify any damage and perform preventative maintenance on the system to ensure its longevity.

It is recommended that eyebolts and single anchor points used for the purpose of Work at Height should be testing once every 12 months and once every 6 months if Class A and used for Rope Access.

If your system has not been compliance tested by a competent person within a 12 month period, they should be tagged strictly DO NOT USE.

Our Team have undergone training with Independent Fixing Consultants in the selection, installation and testing and periodic examination of these Standards. BS EN795 BS 7985:2002.

Training was carried out by the Industry Leader – Mark Salmon

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